Bloggers Monthly Call for Life: Pro-Life Unity

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Pro-Life Unity

Do you have action efforts that you need to promote?  Do you have a web site or blog that can help get Action Calls out to the people who might respond to them?

There are many organizations and projects which require spreading the word in a timely manner to the public, but the problem is, we all have different site designs and we can't all respond to the need to post an Action Call as quickly as some would like us to, or we just have a lot to do & can't get to it right away.

What is the solution for those who need to get out the Action Calls and for those who might want to help get the word out?  At we have code which will help all of us.  Our Action Code will allow you to maintain the look & feel of your site, while ensuring that Action Calls go out as quickly as possible.

One single post automatically goes out to all member sites as soon as you click submit.  When the page is refreshed or visited on a member site the Action Call is visible.

Imagine 1,000,000 web sites all participating in this effort.  Imagine when one single Action Call gets in front of millions of eyes in a split second.  Go to & check out what we have to offer & how we can help not only those who want to post Action Calls, but those of us who can help them.

If you have a web site or a blog, please consider helping the unborn in one of the most simple ways possible.  Email us at or click here to go to our mission page & read more about this effort.

Unite with us.  We will succeed in challenging the culture of death through Pro-Life Unity & Action.