Bloggers Monthly Call for Life: February 2006

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Down Syndrome

Charmaine Yoest posted a piece about Gabriel, a child with Down Syndrome. When you see the smile on that boys face you have to wonder what people would do if they knew that their child could be filled with that kind of joy, if they just gave him/her a chance.


Gabriel's dad Sam set up a web site called Gabriel's Angle Network which you should check out.

Sam tells us that "every day, 14 babies are born with Down Syndrome. . . while 126 are aborted".

That's a lot of smiles that will never see the light of day.

Go to the site at & help a child live...

...and smile! :)

United we stand - Divided they die - Pass it on

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

How Unity Will Help Us Overcome

Here are two ways we can challenge abortion, euthanasia, and the culture of death:

1) - Unite with us every month on the first Friday to call, email and/or march to let your representatives know that it is time to end abortion. This is a national effort where all of us who are Pro-Life join together, regardless of political party or Pro-Life organizational affiliation. The only requirement to participate is that you are Pro-Life and are ready to end abortion.

MarchTogether For Life

Everything you might want to know about the project is on the site. We help you with who you should call, when to call and what you might want to say.

Tell at least one additional person or organization about the project every month.

2) - Those of you who have web sites can link with us to help get action calls out to your readers. When you post an action call at it will automatically be sent to all other member sites.

What do we mean by Pro-Life Unity at The idea is to promote Pro-Life action calls around the country and the world. One of the hardest things about Pro-Life activism is getting boots on the ground at various protest locations, like abortion mills or government buildings.

Through our Pro-Life unity we will save lives

We are working with new technology, and with this technology we can reach millions faster than ever before!

The MSM acts against us by not showing the nationwide outrage agaist abortion, but through our blogs, we can and already are bypassing them. Will Fox News put out the Monthly Call for Life at every month on the first Friday? Not on your life, but you can, and we can put out your action call & so on.

If you have a web site & want to participate, go to and sign up or just send a message to signup @ (no spaces)

United we stand - Divided they die - Pass it on


Through our united efforts we will save lives

Friday, February 10, 2006

Call for Action - Washington D.C.

Action Call - Washington D.C.

Warriors For Life Mini GAP today at Connecticut & K. Show up & help us pass out flyers & speak to the uninformed.


Last week we spoke with many people who did not know what abortion really is. Albert & I spent 15 minutes or so talking to a black woman and her daughters, explaining how abortion is the modern black genocide. They stood in stunned disbelief as they heard the facts and statistics.

We won't zoom in on the signs because that is not the purpose of this action alert.


This is a great location to expose abortion for what it is. Thousands of people go by & they can't help but turn their heads to look at the signs.

February 10, 17, 24 (Every Friday) 3-5PM
Warriors for Life will be conducting a Mini Gap stop at Connecticut and K Street (across from Washington Metro's Farragut North & West stops). During January's stops, hundreds of pieces of literature were passed out and somewhere between 5,000 and 10,000 people saw the banners at each event.

For more information: contact Missy Smith at 202-337-1966 after 5PM

Thursday, February 09, 2006

The call for life

Many of us have a "calling". Many others are in search of their calling. Some could care less what their calling is and just want to enjoy life one day at a time.

There is one calling that nobody should ignore, the "Call for Life".

Every 30 seconds or so another human being is killed in the United States of America. Almost four thousand people will not see the light of day today and every day until we end the horror of abortion.

What are the things we do in our battle against abortion?

> Pray
> Debate
> Protest
> Use signs
> Outreach
> Crisis pregnancy
> Cross our fingers
> Insert yours here
> Legal battles

These are all good things (though I don't think crossing your fingers is going to do much good) but there is something more that we can all do. We can speak for the unborn. We can be their voice. We can cry out for them. All the things that I have listed are good but it cannot end there.

We must do more, and often.

Unite with us once a month on the first Friday. Call your representatives. Send them an e-mail, and/or March on a government building or abortion clinic.

Go to for more information. We help you figure out who to call, when to call and what you might want to say.

Sign up for the newsletter/reminder. Then, tell at least one more person to join you for the next Call for Life.

Remember, they only have us to speak for them, and if we don't, they die in absolute silence.

MarchTogether For Life

United We Stand - Divided They Die - Pass it on

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Pro-Life Unity

Over the next year you will see the Pro-Life movement like you have never seen it before.

It's time to breathe new life into an old movement.


Stay tuned to for what you can do to help and to keep up to date with the latest action efforts.

Also go to for the Monthly Call for Life. Don't leave it to others. Call, email or picket.

Do something besides pray and donate. The unborn need your fingers on the keyboards, your voice on the phone and if possible, your boots on the ground.

United we stand - Divided they die - Pass it on

Kill To Heal

Doctors are supposed to do everything possible to heal our injuries right? So why do they perform abortions? Why do they want to perform euthanasia on the elderly, the injured, the dying and the disabled?

We have allowed the medical profession to be redifined. The oath they once took, swearing to not kill in or outside the womb has been rewritten and they now believe they are "serving" mankind by providing us with their professional killing skills.

They are now paid assassins pretending to help us. There is no movie on record that shows the horror that has been committed so far by the culture of death. Almost 50 million abortions in America alone and the human body parts of those assassinated people are sold to labs for experimentation and an ever growing market of death all around us. Places of healing are used to kill and help Hitler's dream of a "perfect race" come true.

SickKids Hospital in Toronto is one such facility. Though they would not reply to LifeSiteNews for comment, a FAQ was put up by the news site to help us understand what is going on behind closed doors.


Does SickKids do stem cell research?

• Yes, SickKids is conducting stem cell research. SickKids believes this research will allow for the development of new therapies for diseases such as muscular dystrophy, arthritis, cancer, neuromuscular disease, blindness, stroke, heart disease and Parkinson's.

Does SickKids conduct stem cell research on human embryos?

• Yes, human embryonic stem cell research is conducted at SickKids. This research is approved by the hospital Research Ethics Board and by the Canadian Institute of Health Research oversight committee.

Why does SickKids do human embryonic stem cell research?

• Embryonic stem cells have the potential to make all cell types of the body - bone, muscle, skin, blood - and may be used to treat more forms of disease. At this stage, SickKids researchers feel that embryonic and adult stem cell research is needed to ensure the best outcome for treating diseases that are currently incurable.

Here is your task. Call and email them to let them know that hospitals for children should not kill children for experimentation or perform any other kind of intentional killing. Here is more information provided by

Is there someone I can complain to about SickKids conducting stem cell research on human embryos?

• If you would like to complain about SickKids conducting stem cell research, please send a letter (OR submit your complaint in writing) to the Public Affairs Department at The Hospital for Sick Children, 555 University Avenue, Toronto, Ontario.

To express concerns:
Vice President of Strategic Communications and Public Affairs - Tina Warren 416-813-5330 or


Unite with us to fight the culture of death. Join us every month on the first Friday at and call, email or picket to let your representatives know we stand for life and that it is time to end abortion. Everything you need to know is on the site, such as who to call, when to call and what you might want to say.

United we stand - Divided they die - Pass it on

Friday, February 03, 2006

Call for Life today

MarchTogether For Life Today

Tell everyone you know that today is the day of the Monthly Call for Life. Please help the unborn by calling and/or emailing your representatives. We will also be at the Supreme Court in Washington DC from noon till 2:00. We will have signs or you can bring your own.Call, email or march at your local government building to let your representatives know that we want them to end legal abortion.

Click here for this month's newsletter

Tell everyone you know that today is the day of the Monthly Call for Life. Please help the unborn by calling and/or emailing your representatives. We will also be at the Supreme Court in Washington DC from noon till 2:00. We will have signs or you can bring your own.

Go to for everything you need in order to Call for Life. We help you with phone numbers, email addresses and even what you might want to say. If you want to print out your own signs or Life Cards they are there for you to download for free.

March on your local government building if you can, even if it's just for an hour. Use your own signs if you want. If you are from Defend Life, the American Life League or any other Pro-Life organization, use the signs you have.

Another 4,000 human beings will be killed by a "doctor" today. The unborn need us to do everything we can.

Since the last Call for Life on January 6th many additional organizations / Pro-Life bloggers have cross-linked to Thousands of people are coming to the site every month and many of you are participating in different ways to help the project grow. If you would like to cross-link with us, send an email to

Email and call everyone you know who might take part in this important mission. Encourage others to speak out to help stop the state sanctioned killing of human beings in the womb.

The power of God is working through all of us in our cause to save His children / our children. I know that legally ending abortion alone is not the final answer, and I know there are many other pieces to the Pro-Life puzzle. Fortunately we are diverse in our efforts and through our different missions we help put together the puzzle one piece at a time.

We the people of this great country need to speak up for the first right which is declared in the Declaration of Independence, namely the "Right to Life"!

If you can help out in any way, like graphics or web development, email us at

United we stand - Divided they die - Pass it on