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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The "embryos" only have us - Now is time for action

To most of us in the pro-life world this may seem like a stupid question, but this question is not so stupid to the rest of the world when you consider the statements that they make. The question is, is an embryo a human being?

Tony Snow - July 19 White House Press Release

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MR. SNOW: "And I'll tell you what, it's worth pointing out one thing -- actually several things on stem cells. Number one, the President is the first ever to have financed research using embryonic stem cell lines."

Yes, President Bush was the first president to finance, with taxpayer dollars, "research using embryonic (human) stem cell lines". Human beings are killed at the order of our United States President.

It's time to get real with this issue. Republican and Democrat representatives do not respect life in the womb. We have to stop pretending they do.

> Have they stopped abortion?
> Have they stopped the killing of undesired females or males in the womb?
> Have they stopped genetic testing and selection in the womb?
> Did they not almost get away with the wholesale slaughter of human beings through "embryonic" stem cell research last week?

Neither of them understand the scientific horror that is occuring. Neither of them understand the scientific manipulation of human life in American society today. Both parties support embryonic stem cell research and haven't the foggiest idea of what "pluripotent" means. I'll leave that one for another article.

Mr. Snow then said:

"As a matter of fact, what the bioethics council said is that this precise kind of research, because it does not place in jeopardy the life of a human being -- which is what many people think that the embryo is, and that is what the President believes -- you do not engage in morally controversial research when you find ways to back-engineer adult or blood cord cells."

So why did he authorize the killing of embryos (humans) for research back in 2001? That is one of the reasons we as a nation have gone down the slipperly slope of this type of research, and is one reason why the house and senate passed embryonic (human) stem cell research bills.

If President Bush would have spoken up then and said "no, the United States government won't support experimenting on living human beings", and if he would have pressed for laws protecting human beings in the womb, we wouldn't be debating this insanity today.

Tony then goes on to say:

"This is a President who's spent more money on embryonic stem cell research and stem cell research generally than any President in American history. He's got the track record. What's happening now is that people are trying to politicize it by accusing him of standing in the way of science, when he's the guy who's made it possible to open up the way to science."

Really? Let me get this straight, an embryo is a human and it's also not a human? Back to the press briefing:

"Q What's the point of having the snowflakes here today? What's the message of that?

MR. SNOW: The message is that an embryo can produce a human being, and there will be some in evidence."

The double speak from Mr. Snow seems endless. This is from the July 18 press briefing:

"What the President has done is he has provided access to previously existing embryonic stem cell lines, which are responsible for the vast bulk of research in the entire world,"

Back to the 19th briefing:

“Q The legislation is going to be -- that deals with thousands and thousands of embryos that will be thrown out, destroyed.

MR. SNOW: That is a tragedy, but the President is not going to get on the slippery slope of taking something that is living and making it dead for the purpose of research.”

I'm still struggling with the fact that we allowed research on living human beings in 2001. How many times have you heard that the embryos (humans) in fertility clinics will just be “destroyed” anyway?

Fertility clinics are murder centers of the highest order. We struggle with our humanity and are distraught when we are not able to conceive children of our own. What do we turn to? Science of course. Scientists mix sperm with eggs & implant them over & over into a woman until that woman delivers a human being. Usually, not just one. Many women who have gone through fertility treatments have more than 1 child. Often times they have twins, and other times there were actually more than two. Why do we see so many women who have had fertility treatments with twins and not more than two? Because the rest of her children have been killed through a clinically named process called “selective reduction” A doctor tells the woman that the likelihood of being able to deliver more than 2 children are not good. He/she explains the dangers of delivering so many children in a way that the mother naturally chooses to just have two. Why not? After all, if she elects to deliver more, her life or the lives of all the children might be in jeopardy, right?

Look at this web site:

Their tagline is “From infertility to family”

Here’s what they have to say about selective reduction:

“For many such women, carrying twins would likely present an unacceptable risk. However, most women undergoing IVF can usually tolerate and many even covet a twin pregnancy.

High-order multiple pregnancy (triplets or greater multiples) is another matter altogether since the increased incidence of prematurity poses an inordinate threat to the wellbeing of the mother and her babies. What is more, the higher the multiple, the greater the hazard.”

“Selective reduction of pregnancy is usually performed prior to completion of the third month of gestation. It involves the injection of a chemical under ultrasound guidance directly into one or more developing concepti to reduce the total number, usually to twins. This is soon followed by absorption of the products of conception by the body.”

Isn't that immoral? On the contrary, they say it is more moral do it and compare women who kill their children to heros:

In such circumstances, selective pregnancy reduction could be regarded as a moral decision aimed at optimizing the quality of life after birth. Furthermore, given the heart-rendering nature of the decision, selective pregnancy reduction might even be considered laudable.

“concepti”? Oh, you mean human being. So you kill the other people in the body of the woman by injecting a chemical into them which then kills them right?

IVF centers are murder facilities. The “leftover” human beings (embryos) which people say are going to be destroyed anyway, shouldn’t have been created that way in the first place, but now that they are there, they should be allowed to be born, and the process of IVF should stop immediately!

We’re not going to a slippery slope, we have already slid all the way down. Here are the many reasons we kill our children today:

Gender selection (genetic testing)
Population control
Mercy killing (don’t want to bring up a child in this cruel society)

Obviously there are many more reasons why we kill human beings in the womb today. The real slipperly slope of today is killing our toddlers, the elderly & the sick. Ask the Netherlands about that, they already kill of their toddlers if it is believed they won’t live a satisfactory lifestyle.

Euthanasia is becoming the method of choice for killing the elderly & sick the world over.

The question isn’t are embryos human beings, we know they are. The question is, are decent American and global citizens going to stand up to politicians and demand an end to the killing of innocent human beings in the womb.

Are you doing everything you can for the unborn? Are you calling and emailing your representatives regularly? If not, join us in the Monthly Call for Life at We help you with who to call, when to call and what to say.

We need to unite and speak out in one common message. Join us, and tell everyone you know to speak out against abortion, embryonic research and other research technologies which involve killing innocent life.

The unborn only have us because they obviously cannot speak for themselves.

United we stand - Divided they die - Pass it on